The goal of MASSEvangelize is to walk with your Parish as it orients itself toward Relational Ministry, developing leaders for a repeatable Evangelization and Disciple-making movement. We will work with you to identify, form and train a team of leaders who are on fire for the Lord, so that they can then spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our goal is not to lead the effort ourselves, but to form and train leaders of the effort, through our word and example.

First-year Plan. The first step is to develop a first year plan for your Parish. This will include 2-3 meetings with the Pastor, followed by 2-3 meetings with your Staff and Councils. Time will be spent presenting Relational Ministry, capturing what is working well in your Parish, identifying the first wave of leaders, planning for Archdiocese of Boston training (and debriefing), developing a plan to train the leaders, and planning a set of Adult Faith Formation/On-ramp activities. We expect this to require 3-4 months.

Team Training.  Train the trainers and jointly lead first session with the Point Person. Introduce the team to the concept of Personal Apostolate and training for that. Additional costs may be required for training materials.We expect this to require 4-5 months.

Scripture Small Group Rollout.  Work with the leadership to rollout the first training group into Scripture Small Groups.

Consulting on 1-1s.  Consulting is available for accompaniment ministry, depending on your needs.

Additional Services. Additional services can be arranged for your Parish, at your request. These will be estimated and then agreed to based on the complexity and duration of the effort.

For More Information

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