Imagine this…

You and your staff and councils have attended the Archdiocese of Boston Evangelization Workshops[1], and are asking the tough question “What now?”

Or, maybe you are trying to decide whether and when to attend the workshops, and what New Evangelization means for you.

You feel the call of the Holy Spirit but are unsure how to proceed.

MASSEvangelize will walk with you from these Workshops through the design and rollout of an effective Evangelization and Discipleship Plan for your Parish or Collaborative.

We will get to know YOU, and then guide you through your options, blending the strengths of your Parish, with Evangelization best practices, and our experience, to create a plan that works for you.

All you need is the desire to start, prompted by the Holy Spirit.


For More Information

Contact Deacon Phil DiBello at [email protected] to set up an exploratory conversation.

Visit for more information on the services that we offer, and for the endorsements we have received.



[1] Forming Leaders for Mission & Forming Disciples in Mission